May You Know Gratitude Deck

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This beautiful 42-card mini 2" wide by 3.25" tall deck offers simple inspiration to help people cultivate a daily gratitude practice.
The cards' messages encourage people to look around their lives and recognize the many things they have to be grateful for. And, in addition to making life more beautiful, science shows us that gratitude is great for our brains, our moods and our stress levels. These cards are a thoughtful Thank You gift or perfect stocking stuffer. Here are just some ways you can use them:
- pulling a card each morning to inspire a grateful day
- pulling a card at the end of the day for self-reflection
- cards can be used to inspire journalling, meditation, yoga or other mindful practices
- the cards are also great with family, friends and other groups to inspire mindful conversation
- cards are often used by coaches, group leaders and other teachers

2.25"w x 3.5"h x .75"d Deck