Mini Materials - Cinder Blocks on Pallet

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Small (but substantial) these miniature flat-edge cinder blocks are just like the real-life ones—but one twelfth of the size. Made in the USA from real cement, they make a fun desk toy, entertain tinkerers, and are raw matter for avid DIY-ers. Try making a mini planter, desktop pen holder, dollhouse bookcases, or fairy garden. Mini Materials take construction materials to a whole new, easy-to-handle scale. The 24-Pack (1:12 scale) comes on a wooden pine pallet (secured with nails) that doubles as a coaster. You can use them in conjunction with mortar (not included) to take DYI to a whole new, small-scale level. 24 miniature cinder blocks arranged on a miniature pallet like you see at the big box stores... that you can place on your desk! What else could you need?
Perfect gift for the architect, builder, teacher or construction guru! Made in the USA. Not recommended for children.

3" square box consists of mini cinder blocks and pallet 1.25"w x .6"h x .6"d Cinderblocks