Puchimaru Mini Beanbag Plushes

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These crazy small and insanely adorable animal beanbag plushes are produced by a Japanese company called AMUSE. They are in the Puchimaru (meaning "little round")  Zoo & Aquarium series. Each one is made from a very soft material with bean bag body and tiny bead eyes and additional details such as tails,  facial features, and little feet (where appropriate) added with felt pieces. Each Puchimaru plush comes with a handy stretchy cord, so you can attach it to your phone, keys or bag.  Your cat will love them too!   They're irresistibly adorable, you're going to want to collect them all!  Perfect filler for baskets, stockings or eggs!  Not for children under 6 years of age.  Sold individually.


**  Aquatic Blind Box Puchimaru has a 'surprise' ocean character (ONE per box) of the following:  Whale Shark, Shark, Penguin, Nishiki eel, Dolphin, Sea Hare, Puffer Fish, Seal, Coelacanth or Octopus

**Light & Dark Shiba dog plushes do not have beans



Assorted - all approx 2"

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  • 5
    Sloth mini beanie

    Posted by Tina on 10th Dec 2022

    I love these little beanies! The best!

  • 5
    Worth every cent

    Posted by Tea on 3rd Oct 2022

    These cute beanie plushies are very detailed and so well made. Good quality and just simply adorable. I collect these and I'm so glad I found some new ones here.

  • 5
    Wonderful service and great quality of toys

    Posted by JL on 22nd Aug 2022

    Thanks so much ! My daughter is extremely happy with her little toys. Great purchasing.

  • 5
    Puchumaru Dinosaur

    Posted by Kristina on 14th Jul 2022

    Love it! I originally had the green dinosaur from a small store I bought at Hmart, but it sadly broke and I was on the search for it again. It brought me so much joy to find it here! It arrived pretty quickly and undamaged.

  • 5

    Posted by susan on 15th Jun 2022

    Can't say enough about these little babies.... i use as a keychain, my kids LOVE them (too much) and our cat thinks their his!

  • 5
    Cute keychains

    Posted by Shyann parks on 13th Apr 2022

    I love these so much and I have a small collection because they are just so cute

  • 5
    Perfect Anxiety Manipulative

    Posted by Lifesavers For Autism on 25th Mar 2022

    I have over 60 of these guys in different animals, many of them from Little Obsessed. I carry at least one with me wherever I go because I'm autistic, and having a tiny thing with unexpected heaviness to roll beans around inside of in the palm of my hand helps redirect my focus when I'm getting overstimulated. The cute faces are a bonus.

    Incredibly well made, they've stood up to many rubbings during anxiety attacks, and survived through being thrown in pockets, backpacks, car cupholders, and beyond.

    It says they're hand-wash only, but I've successfully put mine (with much trepidation the first few times, and testing with an animal that's NOT my number one favorite) through the washer on "Delicate". The test went well so now my number one favorite (a zebra) has gone through the washer at least 5 times, now.

    TL;DR: They're exceptionally well-made, great to hold to calm anxiety attacks, and adorable. Buy 100 today.

  • 5
    So cute

    Posted by Robyn on 14th Mar 2022

    These little guys are so cute, grandkids will love them. Good Easter basket stuffers.

  • 4
    I loved it

    Posted by Paula on 25th Dec 2021

    Only concern is the fragile elastic to hold it