Neat and Novel Literary Book Sponges, Set of 3

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Turn a page on that stack of dirty dishes and start a new chapter! Get cleaning with Fred’s Neat & Novel—an exciting edition for this classic chore. Delivered in a hilarious set of three 'novel' titles:  Moby Dish, The Sponge also Rises and Pride & Prejudish;  each sponge has three hard-working layers to give your dishes a novel shine!  The top felt layer features an illustrative classic novel design, while the bottom scrubby layer is ready to tackle tough messes.  Each sponge measures 2.75" wide by 4" tall.  The sponges are strong, absorbent and non-scratch scrub is safe for cookware and cuts through messes! 

6"w x 11"h x 1.25"d Packaging 2.5"w x 4"h x 1"d Sponges