On-the-Go Play Set Tins

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4.00 Ounces

Game & Activity kits in a convenient take-along tin make every outing an opportunity for play. Inventive fun on the go! There are interactive games, art-themed play and artistic sets that encourage creativity and imagination! From drawing to sculpting to building, their inner artist will shine. SOLD INVIDIVIDUALLY, each tin measures 4.25" wide by 3" deep so they fit in a pocket, bag or backpack. Perfect for travel, restaurants, family events and parties. More game details below - make your selection(s) above!
Games have small parts, not recommended for ages 5 and younger.

Tiddlywinks: Winks & Squidgers for up to 4 players
Michelangelo On-the-Go: Sculpting Set with (non-hardening) Mini Clay & Play Mat
Forest Friends Tic-tac-toe: Magnetic Tic-tac-toe play set
Dino On-the-Go: 2 Dinosaurs, Play Mat & (non-hardening) Mini Clay
Robo Tic-tac-toe: Magnetic Tic-tac-toe play set with Robot Magnets
Pickup Sticks: Mini Pickup Sticks & Game Accessories
Rainbow Play Set: Sketch paper & 10-color Pen, Rainbow Scratch Paper Scratching tool
Frog Hop: 4 Hopping Frogs and Game Accessories
Table Soccer: 2 Players, Slow Rolling Ball, 2 Goals, Scorepad and 2 Mini Pencils
Hello On-the-Go: Correspondence Kit includes 20 Mini Postcards and Mini Markers
Van Gogh On-the-Go: Art Kit, Notepad, Mini Crayons & Mini Watercolor Paint
Geo On-the-Go: Building Play Set with Interlocking Disks for 3-D Building
Cards & Dice: Game Play Set with Mini Playing Cards and 6 Soft Dice

Bunny Hop:  Game Play Set with 4 hopping bunnies and game accessories

Ho Ho Ho Hello On-the-Go:  Festive travel tin includes mini markers, 20 mini color-in and create-your-own holiday postcards. 

4.25"w x 1"h x 3"d Tin