Petite Pear Candle - Cranberry

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The Scented Petite Pear Candle in Cranberry

These individually wrapped, petite pear candles by Vance Kitira are wonderfully colorful and fragrant. At a mere 2.5" tall and 2" in diameter, they have a 5 to 6 hour burn time, a deep cranberry red color, and a fresh pear scent. They create a beautiful low light when burned alone. You can also group them with other colored pear candles for a beautiful display or lovely gift. They are sold individually.

At Little Obsessed, it’s the little things that make a big impact. These petite scented pear candles may pull at your heartstrings by allowing you to reminisce past precious moments; the taste of a juicy pear on a hot sticky day, the mesmerizing sight of a pear tree on a fruit farm, the smell of pear and lemon pie with pate brisee crust baking in the oven. Whatever they may remind you of, embrace their presence as they provide you with a warm, glowing light when lit.

The combination of pear and cranberry is nothing new. The two tart foods are used together in many recipes, from crisps and sauces, to crumbles, cakes, and salads. Take delight in the wax version of pear meets cranberry!

The Perfect Holiday Accents

The cranberry color of the petite pear candles brings about a festive autumn feeling. They are the perfect touch to your table at Thanksgiving, and a pristine accent to your Christmas decorations. Rather than receiving a partridge in a pear tree on the first day of the holiday, these delectable pear candles allow you to embrace the concept of the tree’s delicious fruit. 

Indulge in the Smell of Pear

Light up one of the petite pear candles and let your nose breathe in their flavorful scent. The scent can offer you a calming essence to soothe your worries and anxieties. Fill your home or office up with the aroma of mouthwatering pears by lighting up the candle any time you like. It provides an alternative to heavy floral scents with its fresh, fruitful smell. 

Pear Candle Ideas

Each candle is neatly wrapped and tied with a rope string and a green leaf tag to exhibit a life-like, appealing presentation. There's so much you can do with the Scented Petite Pear Candle in Cranberry! Let your creativity take flight with these cute and unique mini wax candles. Use them as:

  •      Wedding favors
  •      Centerpieces
  •      Cake topper candles
  •      Party favors
  •      Household decor

You can also incorporate these into other presentations and designs for an astounding visual as well.

The Spark of a Meaningful Flame

The Scented Petite Pear Candle in Cranberry is far from ordinary - if you let it be. Speaking words of wisdom, the pear candle holds whatever it is that you connect with the most. Maybe you just like how small and adorable they are. Or, maybe they remind you of your childhood. For whatever reason, they hold significance. And that, is the beauty in thinking small, and living large.

In many different cultures, the pear stands for various things:

  •      Justice
  •      Longevity
  •      Salvation
  •      Strength
  •      Fruitfulness

What does the Scented Petite Pear Candle in Cranberry mean to you?

2.5"h x 2"d