Rituals Mini Incense Holder Set

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Add enchantment to your wellness routine with Rituals Mini Incense Holder Set by Running Press, a self-care set featuring a ceramic incense holder, incense, crystal, and book.   Bring calm and wonder to your self-care practice with this expertly curated set of enriching wellness tools.  Box set includes a Ceramic incense holder. Set the tone for meditation or relaxation with incense. Each set includes a molded ceramic incense holder and incense sticks; a 1" crystal, perfect for cleansing your space and self before each ritual and a bonus 32 page mini, illustrated book filled with wellness rituals - all infused with a touch of magic! Boxed set measures 2.75" wide and 3.75" tall. 

2.75"w x 3.75"h x 2"d Box