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These intricate and delicate matchbox products from SILHOUBOX are designed and developed as imaginative gifts and decorative objects for (almost) all occasions. They pay great attention to detail, manufactured using modern laser technology and carefully assembled and assembled by hand. In doing so, they process high-quality, predominantly certified materials and completely dispense with the use of adhesives when assembling products — they are all “Made in Germany”.

We have a little selection below (all sold individually), we hope you love them! All matchboxes are 2" wide and 1.5" tall EXCEPT for our Winter World Scenery which requires a tad of assembly and delivers in a 2.5" wide and 5" tall flat box.

2"w x 1.5"h x .75"d - Matchboxes 2.5"w x 4"h x .5"d - Winter World Silhoubox