Stacking Stones Eraser Set

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Making mistakes has never been so zen! Inspired by the meditative practice of stacking stones, these five multi color "stones" not only function as erasers but also can be stacked in different ways, making them a great tool for cultivating mindful moments at one's desk. A lovely reminder of nature's beauty and balance, this eraser set is sure to delight artists, writers, and nature lovers of all ages. So, tap into your inner zen as your mistakes disappear!  Balancing these eraser stones is a meditative activity that will bring  you fully into the present moment, and ease your stress.  It's like two gifts in one!   Comes in a pyramid shaped package that is 4" tall and 4" wide.    The eraser 'stones' range from 2.75" diameter down to 1". 

4"w x 4"h x 2.5"d Package