Tea Lover's Miniature Book Set

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Tea lovers, rejoice! With three mini books dedicated to the history of tea, along with more than 200 flavor profiles, this collection is the perfect companion for casual or passionate tea drinkers alike.

Three informative, 2.5" by 3" inch mini books: Tea History, Origins, Customs & Etiquette; Black, Oolong, Green, Yellow, White Tea & More; and Herbal Tea, Tisanes, Plant-Based Teas & Tea Drinks.

A unique gift for tea lovers, this adorable miniature box set makes a great collector's item for tea enthusiasts. The easy-to-read guides are perfect for tea newbies and aficionados alike. There are charming illustrations in crisp, bright, and bold colors & it's small size is perfect for taking on the go!

3"w x 3.5"h x 1.75"d Book Set of 3