Tiny Flower & Square Shaped Dishes

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2.00 Ounces

These tiny dishes from Japan are pretty as a picture! Sold individually (make your choice above), we have a variety of flower-shaped and square tiny plates. They are perfect to have around - they are great ring/jewelry holders; a pretty dish for your vitamins or medications; incense, salt or spice dish; or a perfect presentation for that dumpling or confection. Dishes are individually wrapped.

Pink Sakura Flower Shaped Dish: Cherry Blossoms floating on air!
Cherry Blossoms on Green Flower Shaped Dish: Dark & light pink cherry blossoms on a pale green background
Rose Flower Shape Dish: Rose Dogwood and Purple bloom on patterned background
Blue Floral Square Shaped Dish: Lovely blooms on a blue background
Red Geometric Square Shaped Dish: Red & White geometric flower pattern
Black Flower Square Shaped Dish: Black & White flower pattern with a splash of red

2.5"w x .5"h x 2.5"d Flower Shape 2.1" square x .25"h Square Shape