Tiny Pewter Netsukes

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Start a collection. Make up a game. Surprise a friend. Uses for these adorable handcrafted netsukes (“net-skees”) are limited only by imagination … and imagination has no limits. A netsuke is a miniature sculpture, originating in 17th century Japan. Netsuke later developed into ornately sculpted objects of craftsmanship. Some people use them for luck or to represent something cherished. We have collected some pewter Netsuke that we hope you love - miniature pewter sculptures of animals. They're a perfect small token and gift, collectable, or desk accessory for anyone.  They are all sold INDIVIDUALLY with the exception of our Farm House Collection, which includes three netsuke:  pig, horse and cow!  Make your selection above.

Bear Cub: Bears are interpreted as strength, danger, protection, and introspection; although the bear cub means these traits are smaller and less harmful. In dreams, cubs seen in nature can be a source of a hidden danger to be aware of. In astrology a cub is a small problem, with the potential for growth.
Bird: Most birds are a symbol of freedom, or symbols of future. Many believe birds are a sign of eternal life or immortality. Stories evoke birds as a sign of renewed life, often in transition between life and death, and many even consider birds a bringer of an ideal or proposal for future.
Hedgehog: A hedgehog is seen as a positive animal that symbolizes happiness, motherhood, and calmness. They are loved by people because of their relaxed and non-aggressive behavior. Overall, hedgehogs are simply calm and relaxed creatures that symbolize everything that is positive in the world.
Koala: Actually, it’s two koalas; a mother or father koala and a baby. Inspired to some degree by the recent tragic destruction to Australia’s forests, this netsuke honors this beloved animal.
Whale: A whale symbolizes wisdom, spiritual awareness, good luck and long lasting love as the whale mates for life. This gentle giant of the sea is a super-cute friend on a desk or bedside table. What could be cuter than a little whale blowing his spout?

Owl:  Rather than intellectual wisdom, owls are connected with the wisdom of the soul. Even mythology relates owl to this wisdom and femininity. The owl was a symbol for Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, before the Greeks gave their pantheon human forms.

Farm Friends:  The only netsukes delivered in a set of three!  Meet the latest addition to our Netsuke Sets: Farm Friends! Delivered in a tiny burlap bag, three ​miniature pewter figurine​s, the Pig, Pony, and Cow, ​make fun game pieces, additions to a plant or fairy garden, or desk decor for your workspace. Leave them for a friend to find, or keep them on your desk for good luck!​ 

.25"w x .75" x 1.25"d