Tynies Handmade Miniature Glass Animals

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Tynies, the smallest glass figurines, come in a collector's frame. These teeny tiny glass figurines are smaller than 1" (some smaller than .5"!) and are delivered in a collector frame that measures 1.5" wide by 2" tall. Tynies Collector's Frames stack on all six sides so you can show off your collection in your own unique way. You can even a build towers of Tynies. Slide open the Tynies Collector's Frame to free your Tynies into their magical world, then put them back in their Collector's Frames when it is time to admire your collection. These figurines are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, and the different styles we offer are listed here - make your choice above!
*Please note: on some of the selections below, the actual color of the glass figurine may vary!

*Dora Tang Fish - Dora's color will vary!
Dip - Duck - White
Doc - Dachshund - Deep Purple
*Lili - Pig - Lili's color will vary!
Pax - Dove - White
Rog - Frog - Green
*Stik - Iguana - Stik's color will vary!
Slo - Tortoise (green colors may vary)
Snow - Polar Bear - White

**These are extremely tiny and not recommended for small children

Approx .5 - 1"w x .75"h x .2"d