On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Silly Scavenger Hunts for Everyone

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These scavenger hunt ideas offer endless possibilities for play—all you need is a card from the 2.5" square tin and the help of your trusty senses! Your living room, backyard, and neighborhood park are full of hidden treasure—you just have to know how to look for it! The scavenger hunt suggestions on these 50 cards will create hours of screen-free fun for the whole family. You can teach kids about the world around them, and help them experience familiar places in a completely different light. A great alternative to TV and computer games - get offline and connect with your senses with these spontaneous and playful suggestions.
Perfect little gift or stocking stuffer for families in need of game-night inspiration or a way to entertain the kids in the spur of the moment! The petite, portable tin is the perfect size to throw in your purse, pocket or luggage!

2.5"w x 1.25"h x 2.5"d Tin