The Little Book of Beer Tips

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Packed with straight-forward advice on how to pour and store beer and how to mix and match it with food, this little 4" square paperback book contains 50 invaluable tips for beer lovers. Find out what to do if your beer veers towards cloudy instead of clear; judge the perfect head; set traps for slugs; and treat your hair to a beer shampoo. Maybe you can't tell the difference between a stout and a porter, decipher a pilsner from a pale ale, a chalice from a tulip, or a tumbler from a snifter. Well, you're in luck because The Little Book of Beer Tips covers all those topics and more. It will even help you discover the best way to clean beer spills, how to pair beers with your food, and how to store, pour, and serve your favorite brews. This book will how you to maximize your appreciation of the drink you love and become a malted master in a matter of minutes with The Little Book of Beer Tips.
Softcover, 112 pages

4"w x 4"h x .25"d Paperback, 112 pages